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KOTTAYAM we call this district - the LAND OF LAKES, LETTERS AND LATEX. The name Kottayam means KOTTA - AKAM i.e, interior of a fort. Rulers of Munjanad and Thekkumkur had their head quarters at Thaliyil Kotta at Thazhathangadi in the present Kottayam Town. It is commonly believed that the name Kottayam derived from the KOTTA AKAM of Thaliyil Kotta. Though Marthandavarma of Travancore attacked Thekkumkur and destroyed the palace and the Thaliyil Fort, the remnants of the palace and fort are still seen here.Kottayam district was a part of the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. In 1868, Kottayam Division was formed and was under the administrative control of a "Divan Peshkar".Kottayam district is an important education centre.There are several industrial units in the districts,of which Hindustan are situated in Kottayam.Newsprint Ltd. at Mavellor is the largest . Travancore Cements Ltd., Tecil Chemicals and Hydro Power Ltd., are other major industrial units in the district. MRF Ltd. is having aKerala having 891 rubber based industrial units lead other states in the number of rubber based

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